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What we do

Our advisors

Our 50+ advisors are among the most seasoned in the industry, including former Fortune 100 chief communication officers. We offer experience in corporate and creative strategy, expertise in health, technology, energy & industrials, financial & professional services, and local knowledge in every key market globally.

Our focus is value creation and protection, helping our clients solve for their most material challenges and opportunities spanning risk, reputation, and growth.

Kelli Parsons

Global Chair, Corporate Affairs & Advisory


  • 01Geopolitical Risk Consulting

    Geopolitical risk is at the top of the CEO agenda as businesses navigate an evolving and fraught geopolitical landscape.  We tap into the experience and expertise of our senior leaders and consultants as well as access insight from academia and think-tank research to situate problems in their economic, political and geopolitical context to advise our clients and implement strategies to successfully navigate them.

  • 02Reputation Management

    We develop strategies to build and protect reputation capital, a measurable corporate asset and powerful form of equity. Our approach considers the dynamic nature of reputation, competing stakeholder expectations, and the complex global operating environment to create reputation management strategies that protect against risk, strengthen reputation and drive growth.

  • 03Corporate Affairs

    To support the growing responsibility and complexity of today’s corporate affairs leaders, H&K provides integrated strategic communication services and advises leaders to build a best-in-class function. Our offer spans vision and mission, benchmarking, organizational design, strategic planning and implementation, leveraging data and technology to optimize performance.

  • 04Sustainability Strategy & Communications

    We help our clients build long-term, sustainable business value through ESG planning, program creation, measurement, reporting, and communications. Our expert advisors craft and implement strategies that engage with and meet rising expectations of stakeholders ranging from employees to investors. We help our clients make a meaningful and measurable impact on the world and our societies.

  • 05Capital Markets

    We help our clients communicate financial and societal value with investors and stakeholders across the financial community. We develop and implement communication strategies in support of special situations, such as transactions and shareholder activism. Our specialists support clients’ investor relations teams with activities including quarterly earnings, investor meetings, and annual reports.

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  • Global Chair, Corporate Affairs ​& Advisory​

    Kelli Parsons

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    Reputation Capital

    The sum of a company’s reputational value – its profile, purpose, performance and people – establishes its reputation capital. Our platform is how H&K measures these fast-moving elements, in an actionable way.

    H&K Sonar: Geopolitics

    Geopolitical risk is among the chief concerns of CEO’s today. H&K’s Sonar identifies potential geopolitical threats as they emerge, enabling us to proactively offer our clients timely counsel on how to best mitigate and manage these volatile risks.

    H&K Sonar: Disinformation

    Sonar: Disinformation provides brands and businesses with a proactive tool in the battle against disinformation, enabling the development and execution of mitigation plans with the agility today’s business environment requires.