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Case Study

Kemijoki Oy

Holistic communications for Finland’s most significant producer of hydro and regulating power

  • ServiceStrategic Communications
  • SectorEnergy & Industrials
  • OfficeHelsinki

H&K’s cooperation with Kemijoki Oy began when Kemijoki Oy transformed from a traditional energy producer into an expert and buyer organization in 2013.

H&K is Kemijoki Oy’s holistic partner in its sustainability, advocacy and communications work.

We are a strategic adviser to and daily partner of Kemijoki Oy’s management. Our cooperation includes communications planning, sustainability agenda development, project communications, trainings, media relations and producing content for the client’s website and other channels.

According to research by Kemijoki Oy and Finnish Energy, most Finns view hydropower positively. Together, we will ensure the high acceptance rate of hydropower in the future too.

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