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  • 01Policy Communications & Counsel

    H&K is well-versed in not only navigating the policy process, but distilling complex policy issues so they can be communicated to key audiences. With experience working in and with governments at all levels, we develop messaging that reflects the different political, cultural, economic, and emotional levers driving the debate – as well as targeted strategy and communications for action.

  • 02Government Relations

    We provide clients with actionable and effective strategic counsel, rooted in our deep understanding of government, built on years of experience working in and with governments at all levels and powered by a rigorous, disciplined approach to political monitoring. Whether local or global, we have our fingers on the pulse of the issues currently generating political attention, and those that will be.

  • 03Community Engagement & Advocacy

    In today’s landscape, people are skeptical of institutions. So we look for opportunities to identify, build and harness local influencer networks to drive conversations and carry your messages.

    We work to build a community and craft messages that resonate with your supporters in ways that unite them, rally audiences behind your cause and lead a trusted media narrative.

  • 04Mobilization & Campaigns

    Political and public affairs campaigns must be hyper-focused on movable audiences. The central question is: who do we need to win? We work to uncover your base and find out how to move them while working discreetly and efficiently.  Simply put, we move those who matter most. We call this the H&K Campaign Way. It is an eight-step process that goes from understanding the win to achieving the win.

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  • Global Chair, Public Affairs

    Phillipe Maze-Sencier

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    H&K Sonar: Geopolitics

    Geopolitical risk is among the chief concerns of CEO’s today. H&K’s Sonar identifies potential geopolitical threats as they emerge, enabling us to proactively offer our clients timely counsel on how to best mitigate and manage these volatile risks.

    Global Horizons

    A specialized advisory capability helping clients navigate today’s multi-polar world, with a specific focus on the economies of the Global South spanning Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Gulf.