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Intelligence & Technology

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What we do


  • 01Predictive Data Intelligence

    Predictive technology is integrated directly into our tools, enabling our teams to develop precision strategies, improve ROI and model solutions to novel client challenges. Through innovative partnerships, a data-first approach and a team of world-class analysts, scientists and engineers, we help clients understand not only what’s happening but also what it means.

  • 02Reputation & Performance Measurement

    Traditional reputational measures no longer adequately reflect the complexity and pace of business today. Reputation Capital measures a company’s reputational value among its stakeholders by tracking the granular components of reputation in real time, enabling our advisors to provide actionable advice and strategies reflecting reputational risks and opportunities as they emerge and arise.

  • 03Risk Prediction & Mitigation

    Recognizing the breadth of places where threats emerge and the pace at which they grow and spread, H&K developed Watchtower, a proactive tool in the battle against disinformation and geopolitical risk. H&K Watchtower deploys information tracking that increases precision and identifies potential threats earlier to provide actionable counsel in situations when every second matters.

  • 04Research & Behavioral Science

    H&K’s proprietary multi-modal research data collection platform fields surveys and virtual focus groups across languages and geographies to power, inform and test messages and strategies. And our behavioral insights and strategies team helps clients apply the science of human behavior to the art of communications. Together, we build strategies that go beyond awareness to driving meaningful action.

  • 05Innovative Applications of AI

    H&K embraces the myriad possibilities of A.I., creating a safe and secure environment of innovation. From our secure generative A.I., to The Fount, H&K’s approach to data integration, we leverage A.I. to help clients measure performance and create a more impactful future. These technologies also power Watchtower, SPACE+ and other proprietary solutions.

Related offerings

    Perspectives PulseTM

    In today's ultra-connected world, where communities constantly connect and expand at lightning speed, Perspectives Pulse empowers brands to verify if their message resonates with the audiences they want to engage.

    Smart Media Lists™

    H&K’s Smart Media Lists offer a data-driven approach to identifying the best media partners for your specific message. This customized approach allows you to compare different media partners and choose the ones who will drive the most impact.

    H&K Sonar: Geopolitics

    Geopolitical risk is among the chief concerns of CEO’s today. H&K’s Sonar identifies potential geopolitical threats as they emerge, enabling us to proactively offer our clients timely counsel on how to best mitigate and manage these volatile risks.


    In a world that can pivot at any moment, you need to be prepared to respond to a crisis anywhere, anytime. FlightSchool, H&K’s crisis simulation tool, helps clients prepare in a controlled environment.

    SMARTER™ through Behavioural Science

    SMARTER™ identifies the most effective ways we can influence action by combining deep behavioral science expertise with extensive practical experience. The result? Communications based on how people actually act, not how we think they should.


    Incorporating custom research findings into stories and media relations make them more memorable and engaging. H&K’s Cut/Through enables this engagement through custom research for media outreach.


    To stand out from the crowd, you must be willing to balance risk and reward. H&K’s Space+ uses AI to examine news stories and identify content and topic area that will help you achieve a competitive advantage, without compromising impact.

    Audience DNA™

    Today we are bombarded by more messages than ever before. To cut through the noise, brands need to better understand user behavior and build strategies based on how their audiences consume information. Audience DNA does just that.

    Made to Measure™

    Made to Measure™ is our customized approach to helping evaluate performance and optimize campaigns for companies, brands and products.

    H&K Sonar: Disinformation

    Sonar: Disinformation provides brands and businesses with a proactive tool in the battle against disinformation, enabling the development and execution of mitigation plans with the agility today’s business environment requires.

    The Fount by H&K

    Today’s businesses have an abundance of data – on audience, media, social listening, and more. The challenge is how to best leverage that data to inform decisions, especially when it exists in silos. The Fount by H&K is the answer.

    The Studio

    Our global network of Studios brings together a wide range of creative, design and production expertise to super-power our communications. From New York to London, Sao Paulo to Toronto the Studio is all about smart ideas and smart execution.

    Better Impact

    We challenge businesses and brands to have a better impact on people and the planet, to align performance and purpose, and deliver on new stakeholder expectations.


    FutureSight combines H&K’s Public Affairs, sector and communications expertise to help our clients futureproof their business by identifying and assessing geopolitical challenges, and then staying ahead of them.