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Innovation & Creative

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What we do


  • 01Creative Strategy

    Our Creative Strategists, part planner and part creative, combine strategic and creative thinking to find new and innovative solutions to our client's challenges. Finding the right insights and developing the right strategy inspires creative work and ensures our campaigns cut through and are culturally relevant.

  • 02Creative Direction

    Our Creative Directors turn creative strategy into smart ideas and brand storytelling through conceptual thinking and developing the visual language of a communications campaign.

    From an earned first creative idea to a multi-stakeholder campaign, our creative directors can bring new thinking to our client's strategic and communication challenges.

  • 03Content & Publishing Strategy

    Our Content and Publishing Strategy teams use audience mapping and data to develop strategies that answer three core questions: Who do we create content with – from thought leaders and influencers to brands and partners? What format does that content take – from long-form editorial to snackable social video? And what channels are most effective from the ever-changing channels mix? before developing the strategy to publishing our content.

  • 04Digital Planning & Optimization

    Digital Planning & Optimization allows us to understand the constantly changing digital landscape and how customers and stakeholders navigate it will bring a competitive advantage to your client’s communication campaigns. We develop paid media and programmatic strategies to distribute our content and optimize the results thought iterative measurement.

For inquiries

  • Global Chief Creative Strategy & Innovation Officer​

    Simon Shaw

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    The Studio

    Our global network of Studios brings together a wide range of creative, design and production expertise to super-power our communications. From New York to London, Sao Paulo to Toronto the Studio is all about smart ideas and smart execution.

    SMARTER™ through Behavioural Science

    SMARTER™ identifies the most effective ways we can influence action by combining deep behavioral science expertise with extensive practical experience. The result? Communications based on how people actually act, not how we think they should.

    Audience DNA™

    Today we are bombarded by more messages than ever before. To cut through the noise, brands need to better understand user behavior and build strategies based on how their audiences consume information. Audience DNA does just that.