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United States

Leadership in

  • President & CEO, Hill & Knowlton Canada​

    Sheila ​Wisniewski​

  • Chief Operating Officer

    Kevin Dam

  • Chief Client Officer

    Jennifer Koster

  • Chief Financial Officer

    Greg Yaroff

  • Vice-President, People & Culture

    Michael Agyemfra

  • Senior Vice-President. General Manager, Québec and Head of Sectors

    Isabelle Verreault

  • Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Western Canada (Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina)

    Stephen Smart

  • National Lead, Business Development & Marketing

    Genna Schnurbach

  • Senior Vice President & National Lead, Corporate Communications & Advisory

    Neil Parmenter

  • Senior Vice President & National Deputy Lead, Public Affairs & Advocacy

    Melissa Pasi

  • Senior Vice-President and Global Lead, Intel & Tech Solutions

    Elliott Gauthier

  • Senior Vice-President and National Lead, Public Participation

    Chrystiane Mallaley

  • Senior Vice-President

    Janice Foreman

  • Senior Vice-President and National Sector Lead, Energy & Industrials

    Matthew Gibson

  • Senior Vice-President and National Sector Lead, Health & Wellness

    Laura Greer

  • Vice-President and National Sector Lead, Financial & Professional Services

    Meagan Murdoch

  • Vice-President and National Lead, Issues & Crisis

    Rick Harari

  • Senior Vice President and National Sector Lead, Technology

    Chris Plunkett