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United States
DateOctober 26, 2023
ServiceIntelligence & Technology
Reading time6mins

Hill+Knowlton Strategies Forms New Global Intelligence + Technology Unit and Announces Exclusive Partnership with Pendulum Intelligence, a Leading Machine Learning Company

October 26, 2023, NEW YORK – Hill+Knowlton Strategies, one of the world’s leading strategic communications companies, today announced the formation of its global Intelligence + Technology capability. The group combines deep data and analytics expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide novel solutions for the complex challenges facing businesses and brands today. The company also formed an industry-first partnership with Pendulum Intelligence and unveiled H+K Sonar, a proactive analytics tool designed to help organizations detect, predict, and mitigate harmful narratives online with speed and precision. 

“We are developing an ecosystem of technology-based solutions drawing on data science, analytics and AI to drive our clients’ success and build resilience in the digital domain. This innovation is central to our mission to enable our clients’ growth, help them manage risk, and protect and grow reputation in today’s complex global operating environment.“ – AnnaMaria DeSalva, Global Chairman and CEO
Creating a Modern Intelligence + Technology Capability – Led by Grant Toups, Hill+Knowlton’s first Global Chief Technology Officer, the Intelligence + Technology group is comprised of 50+ data and technology leaders across the company’s global network, complemented by an extended team of client advisers. The capability builds on H+K’s established expertise in reputation and performance measurement, research and behavioral science, technology strategy, and advisory services.

Communicators around the world are facing a shared problem – too much tech and data moving too quickly without enough actionable insight. Hill+Knowlton’s Intel + Tech capability cuts through the complexity and offers actionable solutions at the pace that today’s business environment demands.

Grant Toups

As part of the evolution, two long-standing leaders have been appointed to global roles.

Allison Spray will take on the role of global head, Intel + Tech Innovation with a focus on the research and development of new solutions for emerging client needs. Spray will continue leading research and data intelligence operations in the UK while bringing her accredited expertise in AI to clients around the world.

Allison Spray

Elliott Gauthier appointed global head, Intel + Tech Products and Services, will lead efforts to scale and commercialize data-led solutions for the firm’s global client base. Gauthier will continue to lead research and data intelligence operations in Canada.

The Intel + Tech leadership team also includes Colby Vogt, EVP of Data Intelligence – U.S., Gareth Ham, Data Intelligence Lead – Europe, Kirsty O’Connor, Regional Director of Innovation – Middle East, Turkey, India & Africa, and Marcelo Dominguez, Regional Director, Data Intelligence – Latin America.

Elliott Gauthier

Launching an Exclusive Partnership with Pendulum Intelligence  

Hill+Knowlton has partnered with Pendulum, a pioneering AI and machine learning company, to codevelop products and services that address the evolving risk management needs of clients, including disinformation and other emerging threats. 

The first of this suite is H+K Sonar, a tool built to address the exponential commercial and reputation risk related to the rise of disinformation. Unlike other mainstream monitoring tools, Sonar provides comprehensive audio, video, and text media analysis, enabling clients to surface deeper insights and make more informed risk management decisions. The tool includes coverage of niche channels like Bitchute and Rumble, both of which have been recognized as breeding grounds of disinformation and malicious content but have been difficult for competitors to access due to challenges with video content analysis.

“Sonar is a significant advancement compared to other disinformation tools in our industry and provides clients with a broader set of data to preempt full-scale disinformation attacks. By going deeper into content and analyzing the context in which information is shared, Sonar can identify threats faster and earlier, even when harmful statements are intentionally buried by creators. This gives our clients a competitive edge in managing threats associated with disinformation.“ – Grant Toups

Pendulum was founded by Mark Listes and Sam Clark in 2021 and named as one of Bloomberg’s “Most Innovative Startups in America” in 2022. Pendulum’s platform helps brands and businesses create advantage by gaining access to previously undetectable narratives.

“With the rise of generative AI, deepfakes, and new forms of social media, false information is now created and spread at the speed of artificial intelligence. This false information commonly targets companies and includes executives, negatively altering perceptions of brands and affecting our ability to communicate. Through our partnership, we are bringing a uniquely potent combination of H+K’s excellence in advisory services with Pendulum’s first of its kind AI to the fight. Together, we create actionable solutions for a complex world.“ – Mark Listes, CEO, Co-founder, Pendulum Intelligence

About Pendulum Intelligence  

Pendulum Intelligence is a pioneering AI and machine learning platform that leverages cutting-edge technologies to uncover, monitor, and diagnose narratives in their nascent stages, while tracking their propagation across social media platforms. By understanding even the most nuanced narratives in all forms of social media (text, video, and audio), Pendulum empowers companies to truly engage with communities proactively and effectively.