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United States
DateJanuary 10, 2024
ServiceStrategic Communications
Reading time2mins

Hill & Knowlton London launch The H&K Academy to address the “training gap” faced by industry professionals

JANUARY 2024, London – Hill & Knowlton, the global strategic communications leader for transformation, has today launched The H&K Academy, a new training concept designed to upskill communications professionals.

The H&K Academy was inspired by demand from communications clients seeking training in the latest thinking, practices and trends that are transforming the industry – something which they had been unable to find elsewhere. This “training gap” was confirmed by Hill & Knowlton through social listening.

“The world of communications is changing all around us, every day – whether that is through the explosion of AI, the growth of the attention economy, or the growing rigour of PR measurement. Communicators need to understand and upskill others about all these things and more. Yet there is little bespoke training that supports them to do this; beyond media training for spokespeople, there is a vacuum. That is where our academy comes in – delivering bitesize, expert-led training that is tailored to an organisation.“ – Briar Keen, Communication Training Director

The H&K Academy launches in the UK with ten modules themed around ESG, DE&I, AI & technology innovation, and social & influencer. Curated by in house communication specialists, the training sessions can be delivered as one offs or as a programme of multiple modules – tailored to the specific needs and levels of experience of each client.

The offer builds on H&K’s exceptional record of media and communications performance training for executives, preparing them for critical communications moments on stage, on camera and online.

“As we enter what is set to be another challenging year, businesses, leaders, and their teams need to be equipped more clearly for the fast-moving changes happening across modern day communications. This new offer is a client-inspired extension to our existing training services and is part of our transformational ambition to protect our clients’ reputations, mitigate against risk and support their growth.“ – Simon Whitehead, UK CEO