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United States

Delivering impact through counsel and creativity

Spanning specialties, sectors and continents, Hill & Knowlton’s global leadership team is composed of the world’s most strategic minds and senior communications. Together, they set the pace for the communications industry; anticipating, innovating and driving transformation for the world’s most influential brands, businesses and organizations.   With a commitment to excellence, they steer teams towards our collective purpose: to empower clients to innovate for growth, manage risk and build reputation. 

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  • Global Chairman & CEO

    AnnaMaria DeSalva

  • Global President

    Richard Millar

  • Global Chief Operations & Strategy Officer

    Tomasz Karasek

  • Global Chief People Officer

    Azurée Montoute-Lewis

  • Global Chief Financial Officer

    Andy Scharf

  • Global Chief Business Development Officer

    Sam Lythgoe

  • Global Chief Marketing & Communications Officer

    Randa Stephan

  • Global Chief Creative Strategy & Innovation Officer​

    Simon Shaw

  • Global Chief Client Officer​

    Alison Eyles-Owen

  • Global Chief Technology Officer

    Grant Toups

  • Global Chief Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer

    DK Bartley

  • Global Chair, Technology

    Sara Gourlay

  • Global Chair, Public Affairs

    Phillipe Maze-Sencier

  • Global Chair, Corporate Affairs ​& Advisory​

    Kelli Parsons

  • Global Chair, Healthcare​​

    Brenna Terry

  • CEO​, US​

    Craig Buchholz

  • CEO, EMEAx (Europe, Nordics, Middle East, Turkey, India, Africa)​​

    Bashar AlKadhi

  • President​, Asia

    HS Chung

  • CEO, UK I Global Head, Energy & Industrials

    Simon Whitehead

  • CEO, Germany

    Geraldine Schroeder

  • CEO, Greater China​

    Claire Li

  • CEO, Latin America

    Brian Burlingame

  • President & CEO, Hill & Knowlton Canada​

    Sheila ​Wisniewski​

  • Global CEO, Ideal​

    Ricardo Cesar

  • CEO, Europe​

    Melanie Faithfull Kent​​