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Case Study


The BEGIN Program

  • SectorGovernment, Public Sector & Non-Profit, Health & Wellness
  • OfficeCanada

H&K’s client, WeRPN, which represents registered practical nurses (RPNs) in Ontario, wanted to help address the challenge of the global pandemic.

WeRPN administered a small government-funded program offering grants to RPNs returning to school to advance their careers. If expanded, the program could support more RPNs and include personal support workers looking to become nurses. The promise of career progression could help recruit and retain critically needed workers.

Building on months of pre-pandemic advocacy, H&K and WeRPN moved quickly when COVID-19 made health staffing a priority. Together, we made sure career laddering was part of the government’s solution. This led to Ontario’s BEGIN initiative: Bridging Educational Grant in Nursing, part of a $100-million investment announced in 2021. WeRPN is now taking on the biggest initiative in its history — helping grow the province’s nursing workforce.

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