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Case Study

  • Year2024
  • ServiceIntelligence & Technology
  • SectorTechnology
  • OfficeHelsinki

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving and gaining a bigger role in business and society, and we need to know if we can trust it.

Trust in the Era of AI

The white paper Trust in the Era of AI explores the factors that build and erode trust in AI. Drawing insights from recent literature and media discussion, the perspectives of the Nordic public, and the fresh views of Finnish business leaders and political decision-makers, it discusses the factors that will determine the future of AI and possibly the success of Finland in the years ahead.

“We need to make AI as regular part of our life as brushing our teeth. The faster we start familiarizing ourselves with AI and regularly updating our understanding, the better we are able to seize its opportunities and mitigate the threats. The future of AI and trust towards AI depend on how we humans use it, so ethics should always be a top priority,” says Michael Jääskeläinen, Head of Technology at Hill & Knowlton in Helsinki.

“Even if artificial intelligence is not directly used in your own work, it still influences media and media consumption. Misinformation and fake news are not limited to text alone. We must be critical of audiovisual materials, such as social media videos,” reminds Johanna Saarinen, who led the research on the white paper.

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