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Case Study


The World’s Most Important Goal

  • Year2021
  • SectorGovernment, Public Sector & Non-Profit
  • OfficeOslo

In 2020, we were given the task by Noras to create a nationwide campaign aiming to increase public awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In the Norwegian population, awareness of the goals is high, and 8 out of 10 Norwegians express a desire to live more sustainably. However, few had concrete knowledge about the goals; many couldn’t name a single one.  

So how do you create ownership of the Sustainable Development Goals? We realized that we needed to make the goals less global and more personal. That’s how we arrived at the following message: There is a goal that addresses exactly what matters the most to you.  

To help individuals identify this goal, we created the test The World’s Most Important Goal in collaboration with Opinion. By answering a series of questions related to sustainability and personal beliefs, you are assigned the goal that is closest to your heart. Based on the data gathered from the test, we were also able to create over 900 tailored advertisements. 

Today, over 110,000 Norwegians have completed the test and received their personal sustainability goal. Data from pre- and post-surveys also indicates an increase in knowledge among those who have seen the campaign.  

Now, 70 percent can mention one or more Sustainable Development Goal.

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