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Helping businesses communicate on social issues

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Advising action on social issues

Stakeholders increasingly expect business to speak and act on social issues. We work with clients to develop frameworks, strategies, and c-suite alignment workshops to support executive decision making on these topics. For a leading global CPG company, H&K Advisory developed Values Compass, a proprietary process that facilitated the design of a gender equity strategy. Additionally, following the SCOTUS decision on reproductive rights in the U.S., H&K advised numerous clients on public communication, balancing the needs and interests of their very diverse stakeholders and ensuring constructive social and business outcomes.

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We serve as a trusted partner to mobilize business and organizational strategy, solve complex issues, strengthen reputation, and create sustainable value with clients and stakeholders.


Public Affairs

With global and local experts in over 30 markets, we know that politics doesn’t operate in a vacuum and that Public Affairs can’t either. Trusted by policymakers and clients, we have deep connections with decision makers and regulators worldwide.